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in 2012 with funding from 

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 

Volume 94 — Stagecoach 1992 

Saint Mary's College 

900 Hillsborough Street 

Raleigh, N.C. 27603 

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Celebrating 150 Years 

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_/<?/*/ i&nney ; < iu/neu Goqgt/i& u/n/ 
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'60, iu//o /tefiet/ .ihiri Go/d Guts-, ail 
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/e/l to- rio/it, to/) to 6o/tor/i:/aa///y ioi///(.w(/nu/iiat/o/i. . vs/t/aj 
9teeoe&; Warm 9towla/ul, $sa • hr/>/ia//u/t/. ////</. lA/ , fhott ; 
y>a///iv///c f/dur after ncaot/iy a/varti; Qoetn ■r/on/ &: • f/icr/'i fftato/s, 
;-/a//c . -/'//aic// /wZ/'i' . (m// -//'//t/a/.sc/////u// c/osc tAe l9~J/<<"': co//a/v 
cmm ; S/ricia . Uonxi//. col. uaicaictoria/i : A ..s . processional (;/i//a/i// 
Gas/uvell, . Vtna. Lt<rii(i//un>J '.■ /i.x. class SOW'S scltool l/ty///// ; l..y. 
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students arrtmil at • I. (/(>'. 

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clockwise from /a/) /(■//: miiiyfio/c at entrance to tent; dance //oor 
entrance to tent; interior decoration* inc/tu/int/ /<<///// vu/-<,- <>/ < I. IJ< 
buddings 6a Gat/ay l&r-ui//. and ' Mtmmy/wM dressed in period 
costu/ne; . (//:■>. 3enAins, . Unri/ %oaise ,/id/a/. d<"f</d<w r '/<v//;//i 
and Resident 3enAins-. . C crowd 'ofcfflroazmate&f. f,SOO 
composed of/bast and/iresent stitdents^ /aad///. andjricnds o/'/J, 
codeae came toget/ierfor /Am a/i/orpetta/de eoent on . f/tuy /<Sm. 


Mock election, 1967-1968 



Both Croatia and Slovenia proclaimed independence on June 25, and within 24 
hours, military were rolling toward border crossings and airports, attempting to 
secure the country. The trade of artillery fire began. 

Strong ethnic and political divisions have existed in the country for centuries, 
but the peaceful co-existence that has been maintained in the region for decades 
has splintered. 

Serbia's Communist-turned-Socialist president, Slobodan Miloevic, wants 
Yugoslavia to survive as a federation even if Slovenia and Croatia secede. But he 
says the Serb minority in Croatia must remain part of the federation, 

As a former Gorbachev adviser spoke to the crowds, de- 
nouncing the coup and demanding that Gorbachev be allowed 
to address the Soviet people, hands were raised in applause. 


;rry Anderson emerged on Decem- 
4, 1991, from the dark hole of 6M> 
■s of captivity in Lebanon and was 
ded over to U.S. officials, ending a 
al hostage ordeal for both himself 
the United States. 

sked what had kept him going in 
ivity, Anderson, the chief Middle 

correspondent for The Associate 
s, said it was his companions, his 
i and his stubbornness, 
foil just do what you have to do," he 
. "You wake up every day and 
mon up energy from somewhere, 
you get through the day, day after 
after day. 

nderson, 44, the longest-held 
tern hostage, came to personify the 
;-running hostage ordeal. Asked if 
nad any last words for his kid- 
pers, he rolled his eyes and said: 

ie freedom of Anderson marked the 
of the hostage saga that haunted two 
;rican presidencies, 
e was the 13th and last American 
ive freed since Shiite extremists in 
: launched a campaign of seizing for- 
ers in Lebanon to drive out Western 
lence which they claimed corrupted 
lation. Many of the Americans were 
ared and beaten during their cap- 
y, and three died. 

irry Anderson is shown in Wies- 
;n, Germany, on December 5, 1991, 
t former hostages Joseph Cicippio 
I and Alann Steen (right). 


Firefighters were unprepared for the sight they were met with in Kuwait — scores of oil welis sending plumes 
of red and orange flames 30 yards into the air. Oil lakes and soot blackened the sand. 

During the seventh-month Iraqi occupation of Kuwait, more than 730 oil wells were damaged or set ablaze. 
Firefighting crews have been able to extinguish 584 wells since the effort began in March 1991. 

When the effort to combat the blazes began in March, it took an average of four days to put out one well fire. 
Now the teams are averaging 8.5 wells each day, according to Oil Minister Hamous al-Rquba. 

Oil experts say that if the effort continues at the same rate, the wells should be capped before the end of the 
year, earlier than the projected date of March 1992. 


About 2 million Iraqi Kurds and other minor- 
ities fled north in April 1991 when Kurdish reb- 
els in the north and Shiite Muslim rebels in the 
south failed to oust President Saddam Hussein 
in the aftermath of the Persian Gulf War. At 
least 6,700 of the Iraqi refugees died fleeing to 
the Turkish border. 

The most common causes of death among the 
Kurds were diarrhea, respiratory infections and 
trauma, the Center for Disease Control report- 
ed. And 63 percent of all deaths occurred 
among children under age five. 

Military units from the United States and at 
least seven other countries participated in a re- 
lief effort along with civilian agencies from 
about 20 countries. The relatively quick, coop- 
erative response helped keep the death rate as 
low as it was. 

"There were U.S. soldiers, Dutch nurses and 
Red cross Workers working side by side. There 
was very little friction," Dr. Michael J. Toole of 
the CDC's International Health Program Office 
said. "It really was an unprecedented effort." 

The United States spent about $443 million 
on the Kurdish relief effort. 




Magic Johnson, whose beaming smile and sparkling 
play entertained basketball fans for more than a de- 
cade, announced on November 7, 1991, that he has 
tested positive for the AIDS virus and was retiring. 

"Because of the HIV virus I have attained, I will have 
to announce my retirement from the Lakers today," 
Johnson told reporters at the Forum, where he played 
for 12 superstar seasons with the Los Angeles Lakers. 

"I plan on going on, living for a long time," he said. 
Johnson said he would become an AIDS activist and 
campaign for safe sex. 

More than just a basketball star who led the Lakers 
to five NBA championships, Johnson has been a phi- 
lanthropist, a prominent corporate spokesman and a 
role model for young people. His broad grin, familiar 
nickname and electrifying ability have made him 
familiar to people around the world. 

"I'm going to go on, I'm going to beat it and I'm 
going to have fun," he insisted, displaying some of the 
irrepressible zest for life that he brought daily to the 
basketball court. 

Johnson, whose given name is Earvin, received his 
nickname from a Lansing, Michigan, sportswriter 
after a 36-point, 18-rebound, 16-assist performance in 
high school. 

World Series 

After all the twists, turns and tension, the closest of World Series ended in the 
closest of games. 

The Minnesota Twins and Jack Morris squeezed past the Atlanta Braves 1-10 on 
pinch-hitter Gene Larkin's single in the bottom of the 10th inning on October 27, 
1991, to win Game 7 and end baseball's most dramatic odyssey. 

Never before had three Series games gone into extra innings, and the Braves and 
Twins saved the best for last, matching zero for zero, pressure pitch for pitch, even 
turning back bases-loaded threats in the same inning. 

"Someone had to go home a loser, but there's no loser in my mind," Morris said, 
"Those are two of the greatest teams. I just didn't want to quit. Somehow, we found 
away to win this thing." 

Desert Storm Commander General 
Norman Schwartzkoph gave a thumbs 
to the crowd as he made his way up Bro. 
way during New York's Operation V\ 
come Home ticker tape parade in June 19 
A fireworks extravaganza capped off 

Schwartzkoph, General Colin Pom 
and Defense Secretary Dick Cheney w 
the grand marshalls of the New Y^ 
parade, with over 600,000 people turn 
out to welcome the soldiers home. M> 
than 1 million people attended a welco 
home parade May 19 in Hollywood, and 
estimated 800,000 turned out for the pan: 
in Washington. 

"U.S.A.!" the flag-waving crowd cha 
ed during a half-hour of nigh time firewo 
over the East River in New York City. 1 
$1 million display was accompanied by 
New York Pops Orchestra. A teary-e\ 
Korean Wear veteran said, "These you 
boys put their lives on the line and n 
they are getting their reward." 



Jeffery Dahmer 
Dahmer was supposedly a convicted child molester, but 
the police would not check him out. Dahmer finally con- 
fessed to murdering over seventeen men within three 
years. Black and gay leaders claimed that almost all of 
Dahmer's victims were non-white and homosexual. Even 
now that he has been convicted, people still cannot explain 
or understand the motivation for such heinous crimes. 

Little Rascals was a day care center for children in North 
Carolina. The owner, Robert Kelly, was indicted on several 
counts of sexual assault to the children at his day care cen- 
ter. He is expected to serve time in prison. His wife, Eliza- 
beth Kelly was also arrested on the same charges. She will 
be going to court after her husband's trial ends. 

William Kennedy Smith 
This past December, 
/Villiam Kennedy Smith 
vas charged with rape 
)y a nameless, faceless 
/voman. She wanted to 
emain anonymous par- 
ially because she was a 
50 year old single moth- 
;r just struggling with 
ill her emotions. Al- 
hough Smith wasn't 
zonvicted, there is still 
speculation about his in- 
locence. Although 
:here is also speculation 
)n the woman's cross- 
sxamination because of 
he inconsistency in her 
:estimony. Mr. Smith 
still resides in Palm 
3each, where the al- 
eged incident took 
Mace. Nothing further 
s known about the al- 
eged victim. 

Anita Hill 

Mike Tyson 
An Indianapolis jury, 
after deliberating 10 
hours, convicted Mike 
Tyson of raping an 18- 
year-old beauty pageant 
contestant. At 25 and 
not yet in his physical 
prime, Tyson now faces 
a maximum of 60 years 
in prison, though he 
ended up only having to 
serve six years. Tyson 
had a good case with a 
lot of small points on his 
side. The bigger picture, 
however, the jury be- 
lieved his accuser, not 

Life has not been the same for law professor Anita Hill since going public with allegations that Supreme Court Justice Clarence 
Tiomas sexually harassed her nearly a decade ago. 

Hill was valedictorian of her high school in 1973 and went on to Oklahoma State University as a National Merit Scholar, graduat- 
ing in 1977 with a degree in Psychology. From there she went to Yale University to receive a law degree in 1980. 

Most friends and colleagues described her the same way — honest, sincere and a principled person. 

Although Thomas was confirmed, professor Hill insisted that by letting her story be known she had accomplished everything 
he set out to do. "All that's happened has made the general public much more aware of sexual harassment than ever before," said 


She offered one piece of advice to victims of sexual harassment. "Try to find somebody you can trust and tell them," she said, 
try to find somebody who can help make you feel that you are not at fault. Find someone you can trust because you can't take it all 
tut on yourself, you can't internalize it." 




The Hand That Rocks The Cradle 

Wayne's World 

Beauty and the Beast 

Prince of Tides 
Silence of the Lambs 

Beverly Hills 90210 


A Different World 

In Living Color 

Married With Children 


ACC Tavern 



Cat's Cradle 

New Bar 


Kappa Alpha 

Sigma Chi 

Sigma Nu 

Pi Kappa Alpha 

Delta Sigma Phi 

Dillon Fence 

Sex Police 

Johnny Quest 

The Stegmonds 




42nd Street Oyster Bar 

Player's Retreat 

2nd City Grill 





Michael Landon, 54, died July 1 of 
pancreatic cancer. Landon was a writ- 
er, director, and producer. He was 
well known as Charles Ingles on 

Alex Haley died of a heart attack in 
1991 . This creative and expressive man is 
the famous author of the book Roots. 


Lee Atwater, the former chairman of the 
Republican National Committee and man- 
ager of George Bush's 1988 presidential 
campaign, died on Good Friday of April 
1991. He had been fighting a brain tumor 
for the past year. During his Washington 
career, his successes caused a lot of contro- 
versy, and several people had their dif- 
ferences with him. Lee Atwater was a well- 
known and a brilliant man of his time, who 
always fought with the determination of 

Dr. Seuss, beloved writer of children's 
literature, died after an extended illness. 
People of all ages will continue to be in- 
spired by his stories and his genuine in- 
terest in making reading fun. His imagi- 
native artistry and humorous anecdotes 
are his legacy to us all. 

Miles Davis 
Miles Davis, a jazz innovator, died 
during this school year. He was 64. 

Freddie Mercury 
Freddie Bulsara, better known as Freddie 
Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, passed 
away November 24th, 1991. Mercury was 
considered "Rock's first major AIDS 
casualty." His condition had long been a 
rumor since Mercury had not been touring 
with Queen since 1986. The outrageous 
singer had denied his condition Up until the 
day before his death. "The time has come 
for my friends and fans around the world to 
know the truth," he explains his denial, 
"My privacy has always been very special 
to me." Freddie Mercury's death shocked 
the world. 




The Sesquicentennial Stagecoach is dedicated affectionately to Mrs. Faye Fussell, whose selfless giving to Saint Mary's has touched 
each of us. She never asked herself whether it was her responsibility to do whatever needed to be done; she just quietly but 
efficiently did whatever she could to make SMC better. Best wishes, and heartfelt thanks ... for everything. 
















'•>. CO 

^ f 










9 9^ 







The Student Government Associati 
allows the students of Saint Mary's 
take part in making up the rules tl 
govern them. The SGA is always hare 
work at its goal of instilling the princip 
of self control, responsibility, hon 
cooperation and loyalty to the college 
the faculty and the students. 

During the '91-'92 year, in addition 
the regular activities and record part 
pation in Project Angel Tree and Dei 
Days, the SGA sponsored the Fn 
Campus Jam with Allgood and I 
Stegmonds, the Big Sister/Little Sis 
Old English Lawn Party, the B< 
Campus Jam and the Formal Teas w 
guests of honor from the judicial syste 
women in media, people in arts a 
women in business. 

Paige Smith, president; Louise Harris, vice president; Elizabeth Gillam, underclassman vice president; Nina Cavallaro, day student president; Blake Dawba 
secretary/treasurer; Ardis Burford, social chairman; Jane Singleton, high school social chairman; Robin Bullard, judicial board chairman; Gillian Troy, judicial bo 
vice chairman; Meg Tuttle, dorm council chairman. 


Dorm council is a board composed of a chair- 
man, the underclassman vice president, two rep- 
resentatives from each class, the Dean of 
students and a representative from the faculty. 
The council may assign punishments such as 
community service hours, early curfews, or they 
may refer a case to the Dean of Students or the 
Judicial Board. This board of students deals with 
students who are written up for minor offenses 
including failure to sign in or out properly, late- 
ness, and disturbance of quiet hours. 

Back row (L to R): Amy Moore, Michelle McLaughlin, Lori 
Leatherman, Sara Swindell, Charlotte Stephenson. Front 
row (L to R): Rae Prater, Elizabeth Gillam, Meg Tuttle, Amy 
Augustine, (Not pictured: Sara Culpepper). 

he position of Hall Counselor is one of the utmost importance to the college community. She is delegated major responsibilities for 
development of a positive living environment on her hall. Hall Counselors are expected to present themselves as positive role 

dels, to practice humility, consideration, friendliness, helpfulness and dependency. It is an honor to be chosen as a Hall Counselor at 

nt Mary's. 

my Cashwell, Jennifer Garrison, Wendy Hess, Valerie Vincent, Molly Hill, Britney Gallimore, Jennie Minges, Jennifer Soteres, Camilla May, Ashley Wardell, Dow 
y, Gloria Taft, Kim Pressley, Lindsay Luxton, Bree Parker, Rae Prater, Allison Partridge, Anne Glenn, Anna Ferguson, Michelle Smith, Amy Sondergard, Jennifer 
■man, Nicole Willard, Katherine Hubbard, Debbey Wade, Alicia Greene, Betsy Burnish, Rosy Sloan, Megan Channell, Shannon Jones, Katherine Gregory, Leah 
hotter, Holleigh McLaurin 




The Judicial Board is an organizatior 
made up of students and faculty thai 
serve the purpose of upholding the 
Honor Code. The Judicial Board help; 
enforce the rules that make Saint Mary's 
a pleasant place in which to live. The 
Judicial Board officers are as follows: Gil- 
lian Troy, Robin Bullard, Tisha Carroll, 
Martha Garcia, Catherine Wade, Tiffan) 
Cashwell, Blake Dawbarn, and Nim 
Cavallaro with faculty members: Dr. 
Happer, Dr. Bauso and Dr. Johnson. 

Gillian Troy, Robin Bullard, Tisha Carroll, Martha Garcia, Catherine Wade, Tiffany Cashwell, Blake Daw- 
barn, Nina Cavallaro, Dr. Happer, Dr. Bauso, Dr. Johnson 

The legislative body of Saint Mary's is com- 
prised of eight students, with representatives 
from both high school and college. The members 
work to ensure that the changing social needs at 
Saint Mary's are presented to the administration, 
acting as liaison between the students and the 
dean of the school. As times change, the legisla- 
tive body works diligently, molding the social 
policies to meet current trends. 

Louise Harris, Ellen Anderson, Courtney Keenan, Elizabeth 
Gilliam, Paige Smith, Christy Walker, Nina Cavallaro, Mer- 
edith Johnson 




The Budgeting Committee's 
purpose is to keep track of a 
share of the student funds, 
assigned by the SGA, for the use 
of clubs to sponsor activities. 
The committee serves the entire 
student body. The represent- 
atives on the budgeting com- 
mittee are: the SGA Secretary- 
Treasurer as Chairman, the 
twelfth grade class Secretary- 
Treasurer as Vice-Chairman, 
three high school students, and 
five college students. With these 
girls contributing their time, 
Saint Mary's can now serve 
everyone here better. 

Paige Smith, Carrie Kitchen, Stephanie Meadowcroft, Liz Edwards, Blake Dawharn, Mary Catherine Gentry, 
Bree Parker 

The Food Committee is made up of students 
losen by their classmates. These students 
elp plan and decorate for special events like 
lalloween and Christmas. These students 
tare the concerns of the student body with 
le cafeteria staff. 

Members are Alexa Taylor, Britney Gallimore, Jennifer Boleman, Leah McCotter, Michelle Smith, and 
Camilla May. 




Admisses is a group of stude 
at Saint Mary's that offer tours 
Saint Mary's College. They 
host perspective students and g 
the perspectives a closer look of I 
at Saint Mary's. These girls play 
important part in interesting gi 
to attend Saint Mary's College. 

Ann Lee, Alicia Douthit, Courtney Keen 
Emily Masura, Stacy Hogue 

The Student Development Com- 
mittee consists of selected faculty, 
staff, college and high school students 
of Saint Mary's. They meet once a 
month to propose ideas to make stu- 
dent life fun and interesting for all the 
students. They do evaluations of the 
events that happened at Saint Mary's 
and learn if the students got anything 
accomplished or not. They also come 
up with questions for the survey 
questionnaire to all of the student 
body, and to discuss the possibilities 
for a better future. The faculty and 
staff members are: Mardi Hack, Geor- 
gette Campbell, Bonnie Clark, Joan 
Battle, Nicole Hagan, Carolyn Hicks, 
and Margaret McGlohon. The student 
members are: Liz Brookby, Tisha Car- 
roll, Caroline Caudill, Jennifer Cul- 
berson, Lisa Furukawa, Katherine 
Hair, Erika Sjostedt, and Alexa 





Students Against Drunk Driving is a 
service organization. Their purpose is 
to encourage responsible drinking 
habits. The club consists of both High 
School and College students creating 
a unifying atmosphere against drink- 
ing and driving for the Saint Mary's 
community. This year, they will 
sponsor two "mocktail" parities. 
They also have the yearly "ribbon 
campaign" where they tie red ribbons 
on cars to remind people to be respon- 
sible when drinking. The officers are 
as follows: President — Jennifer Bole- 
man, Vice President — Evadora Boyd, 
Treasurer — Elizabeth Blackwood, 
Parliamentarian — Kristen Early. 

er Boleman, Evadora Boyd, Elizabeth Blackwood, Cassie Warrington, Kristen Early, Betsy Fuller, Lisa Furukawa, 
; Mercer, Becky Mercer, Betsy Ward, Claudia Bishop, Amy Moore, Cameron Dixon 


Medical Minds was formed in 1989-90 as a support group for the chronically ill and has evolved into a group promoting Health 
Awareness. The club has undertaken many projects, all of which have to do with health and providing helpful information to 
others. The club encourages anyone to join. It is not just for those who are ill, but for anyone who has the desire to learn about 


SETA, Saint 
Mary's Students for 
the Ethical Treatment 
of Animals, is an or- 
ganization open to all 
students which at- 
tempts to inform 
students and provide 
them with informa- 
tion on what to do to 
insure ethical treat- 
ment of animals. 
Charlotte Sears is 
president. During 
the year, SETA post- 
ed a list of cruelty free 
products (products 
which are not harm- 
ful to animals in any 
way, including test- 
ing) in the Dining 

Hall, and sponsored Animal Awareness week in March. 

Emily Sprouse, Rhett Bennett, Laura Billings, Lindsay Luxton Briar 
Lawson, Charlotte Sears, Jenny Schmidt, Charlotte Stephenson 


Saint Mary's Environmental Club began in the fall by 
electing Amy Moore as president, Lori Penney as vice 
president, and Emily Sprouse as secretary /treasurer. 
Every week they recycle the paper and aluminum cans 
that are collected on campus. They participated in the 
First Citizens Bank "Big Sweep" on September 21, 1991 . 
The Big Sweep was a project to help clean up the trash 
along the side of Lake Raleigh. In October they held a 
fundraising event between Mr. Lee and Dr. Esthimer to 
see if students could raise enough money to get both the 
teachers to stay up all night with the girls in the club. Mr. 
Lee raised about $80 and Dr. Esthimer, proving to be the 
favorite among the students, raised about $90. The club 
also went to businesses in surrounding areas to ask for 
donations. Overall the club raised $860 to donate to the 
Triangle Land Conservancy for Swift Creek Bluffs. In 
January and February they sold tee-shirts with the 
slogan "Don't Be A Grouch, Recycle," and bead neck- 
laces. In the spring, they bought an acre of rain forest in 
South America through the International Land Conser- 
vancy. The club also goes hiking in various places and 
plans a special trip each year. 



ay students supposedly go home at 
tt, but as we all know, they are here a 
— for club walks, using the library, or 
visiting with the boarders. Day 
lents often help the boarders to feel at 

home in Raleigh. It's not at all unusual for 
day students to spend the night on 
campus, whether because of snow or just 
for fun. Day students are an important part 
of Saint Mary's! 



Atlas is composed of the foreign students at 
SMC, and its main goal is to promote unity be- 
tween the foreign and American students. 
Some activities Atlas has been involved in this 
year are volunteer work teaching foreign lan- 
guage at Wylie school, preparation of a middle 
eastern luncheon, and making care packages 
for the students during exams. 

Members: Rana Abdelfattah, Lisa Furukawa, Martha Garcia, Aki Homme, Reiko Inoue, Haddy Jeng, 
Maria Jose Juris, Kein Lim, Ghadeer Makkieh, Yuko Matsuyama, Chigan Miyake, Sanae Murata, 
Shahrzad Nasseri, Yumi Okita, Mayumi Okura, Katu Patei, Milla Penti, Maria Joes Salazar, Amy See, 
Ching Tai, Naomi Urano, Masako Yamamoto. Adviser: Georgette Campbell 


The Photography Club meets once every week to learn and teach 
new photographic techniques. This enthusiastic group also makes 
trips to exhibits, and they are in charge of the annual spring photog- 
raphy contest. The officers are: President — Laurin Blaney, V.P. — 
Christina Urgo, Treasurer — Stephanie Meadowcroft, Secretary — 
Jennifer Stocks, and Dr. Steven Esthimer is the advisor. 



illie Callum is a Scottish Country Dance 
j. They have their try outs at the be- 
ling of each semester. The club consist 
5th high school and college. This club is 
e social dancing than formal. Although 
social, everybody has to work together 
iuse it takes alot of team work to put 

shows on. Gillie performs at assemblies, 
Parents Weekend and for the May Court. 
This is their time to really show their team 
work. This year they decided to broaden 
their horizons and do some International 

L. to R. top: Charlotte Sears, Shannon Jones, Nina Caval- 
laro, Jodie King L. to R. bottom: Ellen Zimmerman, Mary 
Louise Tally, Caitlin Brady, Susan Stone, Ellie Jarman 


Orchesis is a modern dance club at Saint 
Mary's. They perform on parent's day in 
October, and concentrate during second semes- 
ter on their Spring concert. When Orchesis is not 
working on a piece, they have technique class 
and do some improve movements to help 
choreograph for their upcoming performance. 

Left to right: Shannon Jenkins, Lindsay Luxton, Tiffany 
Tompkins, Dana Havelka, Jenny Schmidt, Carla Cherry, 
Sara Culpepper 



This year, the Sea Saints celebrate their 30th anniversary. Through the years, girls fi 
both high school and college join together in a cooperative venture to provide synchroni 
swimming productions in both fall and spring. They have tryouts at the beginning of the 
and spring semesters. In fall of 1991, the swimmers put up a show for the parents and 
theme was "Good Bye to Summer." The major production is in the spring and the them' 
that show will be the "Phantom of the Opera". Margaret Duncan is the advisor, and K; 
Flecker is the team's honorary member. The members of the Sea Saints is: Ashley Gc 
Katherine Hair; President, Shannon Jenkins, Jennifer Kulin, Camilla May, Sarah Mc 
gomery, Radford Perry, Susan Rainey, Michelle Smith; Secretary, and Brooke Tanner 


The Fine Arts club is a liason be 
tween the Raleigh community am 
Saint Mary's College. The club in 
forms the college about arts event 
that occur in the Raleigh are 
through their meetings and poster 
they put up on the Fine Arts clu 
bulletin board in the lobby of Ra£ 
land. This year the club went' t 
New York City to see plays an 
sights; plus they also went to m 
merous events in the Raleigh are 
such as the performance of Le 
Miserable at the Raleigh Memori; 
Coliseum in the spring. 

facing page: Beth Proctor, advisor; Amy Lindenschmidt, Andra Taylor, Susan Rainey, Meredith Griffin, Debbie Goldstone, Allison Morgan, Tricia Morvan, Erin 
Anne Griffin, Emily Masura, Angie Futrelle, Melanie Solomon, Michelle Carter, Katherine Hair, Jill Grahek, Sara Swindell, Ellie Jarman, Michelle Oppegaar< 



r n 

SSS5 ■■■ 

s£ !!! It HI JSi i=«K=K 

Publications Production is a class as well as a 
club. Students are given credit for producing 
the campus yearbook, newspaper, and literary 
supplement. Our desk-top publishing system 
gives interested students the opportunity to 
write and produce their own camera-ready 
copy. This year the staff focused on covering 
sesquicentennial events, many of which in- 
volved the community as well as Saint Mary's. 
Editors were Meredith Griffin, Stagecoach, and 
Elizabeth Denning, Belles. 


Facing page: Melissa Scott, Carrie Kitchen, Nicole Willard, Erin Davis, Paige Smith, Elizabeth Denning, Louise Heath, Susan Brenner, Alicia Greene, 
Naomi Urano, Betsy Burnish, Weldon Jackson, Robin Truitt, Mrs. Adams, Julia Lawing, Anna Taylor, Tricia Morvan, Masako Yamamoto, Emily 
Masura, Amy See, kean Lim, Rana Abdelfattah, Dawn Hair, Emily Sprouse, Jacquelyn Gill, Elizabeth Ash, Amy Henrick 



The Saint Mary's Chorale is under the direction of Dr. Wylie Quinn. This is the first year that Dr. Quinn has had the 
opportunity to direct the girls. They perform throughout the year, and sing for special occasions. Parent's Day, Found- 
er's Day, The Lighting of the Grove, and College Chapel are some of the places where you might have seen them 
perform. Every week they practice extremely hard to entertain us. 


The Sorjuana Ines de la Cruz Chap- 
ter of The Spanish Honor Society 
began at Saint Mary's in 1987. The 
purpose of this organization is to rec- 
ognize high achievement in Spanish 
among high school students. The 
society also promotes interest in the 
Hispanic studies. Candidates must 
maintain an honor average in the 
study of Spanish for a minimum of 
three semesters. The induction into 
the Saint Mary's Chapter takes place 
in the spring semester. Because this is 
such a high honor the members of The 
Spanish Honor Society are eligible for 
many scholarships. 

Kim Egner, Karen Karen Hillman, advisor; Car- 
maletta Locklear 



Outstanding academic achievement in the college department is recognized by the Chi Beta Chapter of 
Phi Theta Kappa Honor Fraternity of American Junior Colleges. To be eligible for membership in this club, 
"a student shall be of good moral character, shall possess recognized qualities of citizenship, and shall have 
established academic excellence as judged by the faculty." College freshmen must have an average of 3.5 
after first semester to qualify. College sophomores must have an overall average of 3.25 or better. 

OFFICERS FOR 1991-1992 
Gillian Troy 

President — Anna Taylor, Vice-President — Elizabeth Denning, Secretary/Treasurer — 


The High School Honor Society 
is composed of both eleventh and 
twelfth graders. Eleventh graders 
must have a 3.75 G.P.A. or better 
for one semester's work. Twelfth 
graders need a 3.5 cumulative 
G.P.A. for two or more semesters 
work. Inductions occur in late 
spring and beginning of fall semes- 

President: Jennifer Boleman 
Vice President: Gloria Taft 
Secretary/Treasurer: Lisa Furukawa 

Carmaletta Locklear, Wendy Hess, Elizabeth 
Gillam, Jill Grahek, Dr. Happer, Jenny 
Schmidt, Caitlin Brady, Tiffany Cashwelf, 
Lainey Milani, Lindsay Luxton, Bloria Taft, 
Jennifer Boleman, Lisa Furukawa 



The marshals are elected by the student body from the rising college sophomore class and assume their duties on the third Sundav 
before Commencement. The Chief Marshal drops the handkerchief at the end of the Commencement exercises, officially ending the 
school year. The marshals usher at Chapel services and concerts, serve at various school functions and maintain order at all student 
body gatherings. 

From L to R — Chief Marshal — Elizabeth Denning, Ashley Reeves, Lea Ann Boykin, Weldon Jackson, Beth Ford, Gray Williams. 




Vestry Members 
Alison Partrige, Anna H. Taylor, Amy Augustine, Charlotte Bickle, Susan 
Witt, Dow Perry, Sarah Montgomery, Emily Workman, Ashley Shelton, 
Ann Glenn, Lainey Milani, Elizabeth Denning, Jane Singleton, Jennifer 
Garrison, Lisa Furukawa, Leah McCotter, Anne Lee, Mimi Pinner 

The Vestry 

le Vestry is a group of college and high school students elected annually by their 

*s to work with the Chaplain in overseeing and implementing the Chapel program. 

s an Episcopal Church, we follow this pattern with a few adaptations for our setting. 
I Vestry is a hardworking and fun-loving group who make a great contribution to the 
I it of Saint Mary's. 

ie Vestry had two major projects this year. The first project was for the orphanage in 
$ iduras called "Our Little Roses", which is an all girls Episcopal orphanage. President 
I jns donated a trunk to which all Saint Mary's girls contributed all sorts of extra 
I ngings such as hairbows and other items. The Vestry received a very kind thank you 
I t from the orphanage. 
|ie Vestry also had their annual Thanksgiving Canned Food Drive. 

m * 

The Chapel Marshals 
are high school seniors 
who are elected by the 
high school student 
body. A Marshal's job is 
to encourage respect, 
_, participation, consider- 
ation, and attendance at 
all chapel services and 
assemblies. It is the re- 
sponsibility of the Mar- 
shals to collect chapel 
cards, hand out bulle- 
tins, enforce conduct, and to seat and dismiss the congrega- 
tion. The Chief Chapel Marshal is responsible for scheduling 
the marshals to assist at chapel services and assemblies. The 
Chief Chapel Marshal is Lindsay Luxton and the Marshals are: 
Jennifer Boleman, Anne Glenn, Katherine Hair, Ellie Jarman, 
Ashton Lowe, Leah McCotter, Rae Prater, and Jane Singleton. 




Back: Suzanne Wayne, Linnell Vaughan, Charlotte Sears, Meg Tuttle, Ellen Zimmerman, Lea Ann Boykii 
Front: Tisha Carroll, Ashley Reeves, Robin Billiard. 

The Four Year Girls is a club composed of girls who 
have attended Saint Mary's beginning their junior year in 
high school through thier sophomore year in college. To 
these girls Saint Mary's is truly a place to be cherished. 
They have learned to relate to both the high school and 
college sections of Saint Mary's because they have ex- 
perienced both perspectives. Saint Mary's is just like a 
second home to these girls. 


The Granddaughters Club con- 
sists of students who are direct de- 
scendants Saint Mary's Alumnae. 
The club was established in 1909 by 
Kate McKimmon to keep close ties 
with the Alumnae Association, con- 
tinue the traditions of the college, 
build new traditions, and to pro- 
mote school spirit. 

The mascot of the Granddaugh- 
ters Club is Aldert Smedes, the 
founder of Saint Mary's in 1842. 
Supposedly, his ghost lives in the 
attic of Smedes and walks with 
these Ghostbusters every fall to tap 
new members. 

The projects that the members 
are responsible for are sending the 
student body Halloween treats 
every year, the luminaries for the 
Lighting 'O the Grove, help with 
the party given each year to the 
graduating college class, and pre- 
sent a chapel service, as well as 
other community projects through- 
out the year. This year the mem- 
bers, along with the Alumnae 
Association, put together a spectac- 
ular birthday party for Saint Marys' 
sesquicentennial birthday, an event 
not to be forgotten. 


I mm 


Silent S is a secret club at St. 
Mary's. The walks and the 
members are also a secret 
until the day after the walk. 
On this day the new members 
wear all red and a red ribbon 
on their wrists. Silent S is 
moving up and doing greater 
things each year for the 
school and the community. 
So watch for us! 

Beth Ford, Tisha Carroll, Elissa Thomson, Lisa Sedlak, Gray Williams, Paige Smith, Traci Campbell, Julia Lawing 


Serenitas Veritas is a secret organization 
dedicated to promoting a spirit of love and 
concern in the Saint Mary's community. For 
example, the members send out birthday 
notes and congratulatory notes when girls get 
initiated into various other clubs. Throughout 
the year they remain anonymous because it is 
the giving and not the receiving which they 

"For kindness is indeed sublime and worth 
the trouble anytime. Sincerity is all we need to 
help us do a friendly deed." 

i harlotte Bikle, President; Gillian Troy, Vice-Presient; Missy Fogg, Treasurer; Lea Baker, Secretary; 
nna Taylor, Secret Saint; Julia Lawing, Keeper of the List; Beth Ford, Original Member; Gray 
/illiams, Original Member; Britney Gallimore, Original Member; Meg Tuttle, Original Member 

■anddaughters Club: Elizabeth Aiken, Jennifer Barton, Charlotte Bikle, Mary Ellen Collier, Tyler Downey, Jennifer Esham, Rebecca Folline, Lisa Furukawa, Elizabeth 
'ant, Katherine Gregory, Louise Harris, Louisa Harrison, Cortney Harwood, Amy Hassinger, Tyler Hill, Katharine Hubbard, Weldon Jackson (pres. ), Lucas James, Julia 
wing, Alison Leith, Penelope Love, Camilla May, Leah McCotter, Ashley Melton, Helen Nobles, Elizabeth Paxton, Dow Perry, Radford Perry, Rosy Sloan, Michelle 
nith, Cecilia Sotomayor, Emily Sprouse, Charlotte Stephenson, Gloria Taft, Mary Louise Talley, Andra Taylor, Mary Tharrington, Catherine Wade, Sharon Walker, 
*sy Ward, Cassie Warrington, Gray Williams, Cam Womble, Catherine Wright, Susan Young 




The Circle is the honarary 
leadership organziation of the 
college. For 53 years the Circle 
members have cultivated friend' 
ship among students to promote 
better school spirit, created fel- 
lowship between faculty and 
students, and encouraged par- 
ticipation in school activities 
Outstanding college student; 
are selected for membership ir 
the Circle based on their leader- 
ship, citizenship, service and 



j ' i . L J 


Members from L to R — Michelle McLaughlin, Weldon Jackson, Blake Dawbarn, Ardis 
Burford, Meredith Griffin, Candie Adams, Missy Fogg, Anna Taylor, Gillian Troy — orig- 
inal member, Beth Ford — original member, Louise Harris — Vice-President, Elizabeth 
Denning — President 

Ardis Burford holds Circle lanterr 




... *»r 


The Beacon is the honorary high school organization, and as such 
represents one of the highest honors a St. Mary's girl can attain. The 
purpose is synonymous with its name, that is, to be a shining example 
of all that is good about St. Mary's and to embody the school's spirit 
and values. Beacon members also strive to encourage all members of 
the St. Mary's community to involve themselves in the school, and to 
feel a genuine love and devotion to Saint Mary's. 

President: Lindsay Luxton 
Secretary: Wendy Hess 
Treasurer: Lauren Blaney 

Members: Ashton Lowe, Tiffany Cashwell, Jane Singleton, Sherri Rawles, Rae Prater, 
Susan Stone, Nina Cavallero, Michelle Smith. 




WATS consists of sophomore girls whose purpose is to 
promote school spirit. The officers include: Cortney Har- 
wood, Carrie Kitchen, Weldon Jackson, Debbie Gold- 
stone, Betsy Helton, Jennifer Meisenheimer, and Amy 
Bolin (Honorary Member). Other members include: Gray 
Williams, Amy Duvall, Meredith Ferrell, Wendy Starr, 
Caroline Hairston, Lucas James, Ashley Wardell, Justine 
Shuford, Alison Boatwright, Tracy Lutz, Susan Rainey, 
Debbey Wade, Nicole Willard, and Melissa Scott. 


R. top: Amy Moore, Caitlin Brady, Lainey Milani L. to R. middle: Rae Prater, Bree Parker, Jane Single- 
iValene Vincient, Kim Egner L. to R. bottom: Susan Witt, Sherri Rawls, Dee McCoy, Ellie Jarman, Allison 
idge, Michelle Smith 

S.H.A.R.E. is the high school spirit club. 
The club shows their spirit by singing be- 
fore each walk. They walk four times a year 
and their walks are secret. It consists 
mainly of seniors. The last walk of the year 
is the officer walk. Their two main projects 
this year were a social for the athletic pro- 
gram and they did the t-shirts for mother 
daughter weekend. 



V U 4 i (_v, > -? 


COLD CUTS is a college sophomore washtub band 
"Original Seven" are picked at the end of the year bv 
preceeding members. These "Original Seven" kick off 
year and then as the year goes on they induct new m 
bers. The "Original Seven" are: Michelle McLaugf 
Alicia Greene, Debbie Goldstone, Tisha Carroll, Julia L 
ing, Ashley Reeves, and Lea Ann Boykin. Other meml 
include: Debbey Wade, Susan Brenner, Linnell Vaugl 
Alison Watts, Meg Tuttle, Ellen Zimmerman, Wendy Si 
Meredith Ferrell, Elizabeth Paxton, and Michelle Ci 
marco. The Cold Cuts advisor and friend is Mary Virg 

Charlotte Bikle — President, Jodie King — Vice President, Joanna Deans — Sec./ 
Treas., Suzanne Wayne, Gillian Troy, Paige Smith, Robin Bullard, Shayla Kirchin, 
Christie Walker, Ardis Bufford, Melissa Scott, Amy Augustine, Jennifer Culberson, 
Gray Williams, Amy Duvall, Shannon Jones, Lara Eppert, Camilla May, Erica Jones, 
Blake Marshal, Martha Garcia, Elizabeth Gilliam, Rae Prater, Tiffany Cashwell, Lucy 
White, Lori Leatherman 

The scoop group is the only club on campus that consists of both high school and college members. The meaning of the club is 
secret but the purpose is to create excitement among all the clubs. The Scoop group is never at a loss for words. 




>eth Aiken, Lucas James, Britney Gallimore, Lea Ann Boykin, Jennifer Culberson, Wendy 
Shayla Kirchin, Julie Hamilton, Stacy Tyree, Debbey Wade, Gillian Troy, Debbie Gold- 
Carrie Kitchin, Charlotte Bickle, Paige Smith, Anna Taylor, Amy Augustine 

■acadabra is a secret social club. The true meaning of the club is shared between the 
>ers creating a unifying bond. Abracadabra does, however, provide services for the Saint 
s community. This year, Abracadabra has worked with the Hill Haven retirement com- 
fy and they will be responsible for helping out with the annual "Spring Fling." They have 
our walks this year and their officers are as follows: President — Elizabeth Aiken, Vice 
lent — Lucas James, Secretary — Britney Gallimore. 


MAPS is a social club which 
promotes school spirit. They 
are a group of college sopho- 
mores who wear hats, long 
coats, and sunglasses at their 
walks. They have three walks 
a year in which they pile into a 
truth, and drive around Cruik- 
shank. When new members 
are admitted, old members 
call out the newcomers' names 
during the walk, who must 
then get their face painted, 
then run around Cruik- 
shank singing. Elizabeth 
Paxton is president, and in 
December of 1991, they 
sold Grinch T-shirts for the 
Lighting of the Grove. 



Spiders is a high school club which consists of twelfth graders and one college so 
more, known as the "Madam Spider." Spiders is a secret club whose true meann 
known only by those chosen to be members. Spiders are involved in many acti\ 
throughout the year. One of the main activities that they are involved in is taking 
Governor Moorehead children trick or treating at Halloween. The officers are select' 
what is known as officer walk. The officers for the 91-92 school year are Tiffany Cash 
president, Elizabeth Gilliam; secretary, Meredith Johnson; treasurer, Holl 
McLaurin; Parliamentarian, Jenny Schmidt; senior member, and Michelle Giamm. 
"Madam Spider." 

Undatettes is a high school social club which promotes social activi- 
ties and school spirit. The club is for seniors only. They have three 
walks a year, and also an officer walk. They are in charge of Carnation 
Connection for Valentine's Day. At Christmas, they went to Walnut 
Terrace and sponsored a party for underprivileged children. At 
Thanksgiving, they provided dinner for a needy area family. 

The officers: Allison Sedwick, president; Ashton Lowe, vice-president; Jane Single- 
ton, secretary; Jalayne Shelor, Rae Prater, Lauren Blaney, M.E. Price, Valerie Vincent, 
Bree Parker, Louisa Hickman, Nina Cavallaro, Wendy Hess, Anne Glenn, Shannon 





1901 Varsity Basketball Team, and Mascot 





!L '■■ J 11 ffl ? =Bs 

The College Tennis Team i 
group of hardworking, dedic 
ed girls. They played a total of 
matches this season. Five w| 
at home, six were away. 

Front Row: Miss Jones, Robin Bullard, Cortney Harwood, Betsy Helton, Amy Albertson, and Melissa 
Fuller. Back Row: Jennifer Warren, Penelope Love, Audra Bernotas, Martha Garcia, Kristen Gacek, and 
Ardis Burford. 


Saint Mary's High School Tennis 
Team held its try-outs in the fall. Coach 
Jones chose the following members, 
Amy Albertson, Lauren Blaney, Kelly 
Blount, Melissa Inscoe, Heather Gibson, 
Anne Glenn, Liz Grant, Amy Hassinger, 
Brooke Ramos, Jane Singleton, and Lucy 
White. The following members were 
chosen to compete in the state cham- 
pionships in Charlotte: Amy Albertson, 
Anne Glenn, Amy Hassinger, Lauren 
Blaney, Liz Grant, Jane Singleton, and 
Brooke Ramos. Congratulations to Liz 
Grant and Jane Singleton who won third 
place in the state doubles competition, 
and to Liz Grant who won the competi- 
tion for the number six singles! 


row 2: Brooke Ramos, Kelly Blount, Amy Albertson, Anne Glenn, Lauren Blanev row 1 : Coach Jones, 
Liz Grant, Jane Singleton, Heather Gibson, Melissa Inscoe not pictured: Amv Hassinger, and Lucv 

J sa 



The basketball team consists of ten players and 
captain Jane Singleton. The two managers are 
Jennifer Garrison and Briar Lawson. The team plays 
mostly surrounding private schools such as Rav- 
enscroft, Cardinal Gibbons, and Durham Acad- 
emy. The players include Rhett Bennett, Kim 
Egner, Lora Elder, Amy Hassinger, Amy Honey- 
cutt, Allison Leith, Lisa Mann, Allison Partridge, 
Jane Singleton, and Denise Richardson. 


1 the volleyball team consists of ten players and two 
I tains, Chrissy Griffin and Amanda Nesbitt. The 
En's manager is Julie Thomas. This team has been 
|i :e remarkable — after breaking Saint Mary's record 
I o wins; they were 2-7. The players include Claudia 
I lop, Evadora Bond, Stephanie Dudley, Melissa 
I ler, Chrissy Griffin, Sanae Murata, Amanda 
I bitt, Allison Partridge, Susan Wallace, Rosalind 
3d, Sara Wood, and Lora Elder. 

>* » ~ 





Saint Mary's 
decided to have a 
V / cross country team 
this year. With coach 
Linda Mueller, the team 
participated in eight meets. 
Only winning one of the eight 
meets, Coach Mueller was still very im- 
pressed with the team, seeing as after the 
season was over many of the members 
continued their three mile a day running. 
With practice four times a week and com- 
peting in the state meet, the girls had a 
busy season. Congratulations to team 
members Liz Brookby, Cristin Flannegan, 
Lisa Furukawa, Denise Richardson, 
Gloria Taft, Susan Taylor, Cassie War- 
rington, and Suzanne Bell. 

Saint Mary's high school girls come out 
in full force when soccer season rolls 
around. The spring weather usually lends 
itself to many pleasant practices. However, 
even in the rain, the girls' spirits are not 
dampened. The team plays games and 
scrimmages with area high schools. 
The 1992 members are: 

Evadora Boyd 

Naomi Brown 

Cristin Flanagan 

Julie George 

Ashley Goad 

Liz Grant 

Emily Harris 

Meredith Johnson 

Brian Lawson 

Alison Leith 

Susan Mayberry 

Amy Mcllvain 

Bree Parker 

Rae Prater 

M.E. Price 

Jane Ransdell 

Jane Singleton 

Gloria Taft 

Susan Taylor 

Soccer Schedule 

March 12 

Bishop McGinnis 

March 17 

Forsyth Country [ 

March 25 

Durham Acaderm 

March 26 

Cardinal Gibbons 

April 3 

Salem Academy 

April 9 

Cardinal Gibbons 

April 13 


April 14 

Greensboro Day 

«5 R 



;he Letter Club is a club whose members are those who letter 
sport at Saint Mary's. This club is also a service which 
nsors the fun run to raise money for a school gift. In the spring 
mquet is held honoring all the teams and athletes. 




clockwise from right: girls on graduation day, 1901; danc- 
ing around the Maypole, 1924; sorority, 1907; winter 
scene, 1901; at the gates' on Hillsborough St., 1901; next 
page: dancing in the parlor, 1935. 

I *.>>- 






Rana Fawsi Abdelfttah 

Candi Jo Adams 

Mary Elizabeth Aiken 

Barbara Gale Allen 

Adria Leigh Altemus 

Amy Glenn Augustine 

Lea Meadows Baker 

Charlotte Bickle 

Allison Reede Boatright 


Lea Ann Boykin 

Susan Eiise Brenner 

Sidney Mayer Coggins 

Elizabeth Marie Connors 

Ardis Leigh Burford 

Dawn White Covington 

Erin Marie Davis 

Blake Lawton Dawbarn 

Elizabeth Walker Denning 

Leigh Elizabeth Easton 

Beth Ann Everette 

Melissa Lynn Fogg 


Mary Elizabeth Ford 

Angela Paige Futrelle 

Michelle Rene Giammarco 

Whitney Caroline Hairston 

Julie Ireland Hamilton 

Rachel Hanover 



Louise Warmack Harris 

Cortney Baker Harwood 

Elizabeth Ann Helton 

Molly Cochran Hill 

Shannon Mae Holbrook 

Katherine Elizabeth Hubbard 

Mary Weldon Jackson 

Finlev Lucas James 

Ann McLean Jones 


Tracy Michelle Lutz 

Yuku Matsuyama 

Georgia Lee McDonald 

Michelle Lee McLaughlin 

Chiga Miyake 

Allison Henning Morgan 



■ k 

Kimberly Jane Pressley 

Susan Sounea Rainey 

Sherri Lynn Rawls 


Ashley Wilkings Reeves 

Jennifer Winston Rose 

Karen Marie Rowland 

Melissa Swindell Scott 


Charlotte Eve Sears 

Lisa Ann Sedlak 

Marian Elizabeth Sherrill 

Rosamond Lucile Sloan 

Huldah Paige Smith 

Melanie Leigh Solomon 

Nicole Rebecca Steele 

Ching Ching Tai 

Alexa Leigh Brav Taylor 


Roberta Linnell Vaughan 

Margaret Leah Tuttle 

Naomi Urano 

Gillian Heather Troy 

Stacie Alison Tyree 

Elissa Barrette Thomson 


Suzanne Nicole Willard 

Gray Cowper Williams 

Rosalind Elaine Wood 

Ellen Scott Zimmerman 








, ' 

. ■' 


Kathryn Ann Akers 

A ■ 

Sarah Elizabeth Ash 


Anne Katheryn Avery 

Mary Scott Baker 

Audra Lynn Bernotas 

Jamie Lynne Brantley 

Michelle Isabelle Carter 

Susan Lynn Cathey 

Mary Ellen Collier 

Zina Sarina Conti 

Catherine Elizabeth Dalton 

Mvra Shannon Dana 


" - 

Michele Dawn Fair 


'*& Tl > 

' ,^ iwA^ 

Merry Elleanor Fuller 

Anna White Ferguson 

Emily Victoria Feulner 

Melissa Patrisse Fuller 

Kristen Morrow Gacek 

Kristan Aine Foard 

Sally Ann Gallagher 


i. ^ '■ 






^ft "v 




Martha Elena Garcia 

Katherine Adams Gregory 

Christine Lee Griffin 

Elizabeth Battle Harrison 

Louisa McCord Harrison 


Erica Paula Jones 

Shannon Leigh Jones 

Maria Jose Juris 

Courtney Ann Keenan 

Kristi Dawn Lasater 

Ann Gadsden Lee 

Lee Kean Lim 

Amy Millard Lindenschmidt 



Emily Ann Masura 

Camilla Rodman May 

Tiffany Alexis McGough 

Stephanie Lynn Meadowcroft 

Leah Britt Mizell 

Kristine Ann Mover 

Christina Lee Mulkev 



l ' 'I 


Sanae Nmi Murata 

Amanda Hill Nesbitt 

Meridith Pope Phillipi 

Mariana Blair Pinner 

Hwai Lin See 

I \ t 

Malissa Nichole Sexton 


u J 

Ashley Taylor Shelton 

Erika Kirsten Sjostedt 

Amy Michelle Sondergard 


blB Jj 



Jennifer Ann Soteres 



Charlotte Leslie Stephenson 

Jennifer Justine Stocks 



Leigh Ann Strickland 

Mary Louise Talley 

Mary Rand Tharrington 



A vlA. 



Sharon Virginia Walker 

SV v- 

Robin Elaine Truitt 

Jennifer Hewitt Warren 

Kasey Dawn Waters 

Rebecca Jane Whitley 

Masako Yamamoto 


1960 graduation 




Naomi Salina Brown 

Kara Leigh Cannatella 



Tiffany Rose Cashwell 

Nina Marie Cavallaro 

Elizabeth Caroline Cordell 


Victoria Tyler Downey 

Kimberly Ann Egner 

Amy Duffy 

9 "*^ 


•7 J^^H; 




Michelle Anne Fanslau 

Stacy Ann Dunikowski 

Betsy Wayne Fuller 

Jennifer Leigh Garrison 

Julie Ann George 

Elizabeth Roberson Gillam 

Ann Van Every Glenn 

Ashley Kriston Goad 

Marie Grahek 


v V M i 

' ^B 







J> 1 

Mt 4 


Mr j. 



Elizabeth Keats Grant 

Catherine Whitney Hair 

Wendy Danyelle Hess 

Louisa Blair Hickman 

Amy Rebecca Hobbs 

Reiko Inoue 

Melissa Royall Inscoe 

Ellen Mayo Jarman 

Meredith Paige Johnson 


\ '^™ 


_ "^ 


L -•' i 

mm JM ' 



Jennifer Joi Keuin 

Joanne Denise King 



' a 



w» 1 



• ™ 





Ashton Nichole Lowe 

Doreen Blythe McCoy 

Alison Emily Leith 

Lindsay Denise Luxton 

Amy Robinson Mcllvain 


Holleigh Elizabeth McLaurin 

Ashley Carroll Melton 

Caroline Marie Mercurio 

Amy Elizabeth Miller 


in n 


$w in*. 


■A *~ 

- J.J 

Amy Elizabeth Moore 

Amanda Hill Nesbitt 

Laura Brereton Park 

Michele Bree Parker 

Allison Langford Partridge 

Virginia Stuart Patterson 

Lori Lynn Penney 

Raeshelle Marie Prater 

Mary Elizabeth Price 



Frances Shannon Ryan 

Jennifer Leigh Schmidt 

Allison Renee Sedwick 

Jalayne Allison Shelor 

jane Chandler Singleton 

Alice Michelle Smith 


Susan Campbell Stone 

Gloria Fleming Taft 

Brooke Erica Tannery 

Valerie Hooker Vincent 

Anne Cameron Womble 




Julie Lynn Bauchman 

Katherine Arrington Bauso 

\ V3 \M , f 

Claudia Bayley Bishop 

Elizabeth Strickland Blackwood 

Laura Kelly Blount 

Jennifer Renee Boleman 

Evadora Carrie Boyd 

Elizabeth E. Brookby 

Jennifer Lin Carey 

Caroline Jane Caudill 

Jaye Carla Cherry 

Amity Laura Coggin 


Sara Perry Culpepper 

Cameron Brady Dixon 

Mary Loranne Elder 

Jennifer Ann Egham 

Heather Lyn Gibson 

Sarah Amy Hassinger 

Dana Lynn Havelka 

Amy Christian Honeycutt 


Shannon Lynette Jenkins 

Ashley Paige Johnson 


Anne Beaman Lewis 

Shirlisa Jane Mann 

Harriet Frances Kennedy 

Lori Leigh Leatherman 

Leah Leona McCotter 


Helen Middleton Nobles 

Joanna Elizabeth Odere 

Michelle Boryk Oppegaard 

Heather Susanne Parker 

Jennifer Lynn Parker 

Katheryn Helen Powell 

Catherine Mann Wade 


Denise Sara Richardson 

Kimberly Jan Walker 

Susan Rebecca Wallace 

Catherine Marie Warrington 

i^Bp- - 





gl ' ■ 

;' ■ 


Lucy Marshall White 


- 9r 


\ ^LY 

• — . 

Jv 44 • 

I m *•" 

w* W* 







Sarah Cath 

Mine Wright 


Jamie Allison Wilkes 

Susan Jolly Young 

Susan Diane Witt 

Emily Dixon Workman 



Faculty and Staff 



Dr. John C. Hume, Jr. 
Dean of the College 




Betty Adams 
Prof., Chair, Div. of Fine Arts 

Mary Lida Alexander 
Asst. Prof., Phys. Ed. 

Ellen Few Anderson 
Asst. Prof. Art, Fletcher Teaching Fellow 




T* MS w 




' 1 

f ~ 


■ -i 

Kenneth H. Babb 
Instructor of Chemistry 

Joan P. Battle 
Director of Guidance 

Dr. Thomas Bauso 
Assoc. Prof, of English 

Antonia Beh 
Instructor of Dance 

Ellen Birch 
Fletcher Endowed Prof., Math 

Dr. Joseph Caddell 
Assoc. Prof., History 




Bonnie Clark 
Head Nurse 

Georgette Campbell 
Assoc. Prof. Biology 

Win Crawley 
Director, Plant Operations 

Pat Del Sapio 

Elizabeth Dixon 
College Advisor 

Margaret Duncan 
Instructor, P.E. 

Barbara Elliott 
Asst. Prof. Math 

Dr. Steven Esthimer 

Assoc. Prof. Religion & Philosophy 

Chair, Div. Humanities & Social Sciences 

Faye Fussell 
Admin. Asst. to President 


Selden Gray 
Assistant Director, Admissions 

Alice Greiner 
Division Chairman, Math and Science 

Dr. Margaret Grissom 
Chairman, Division of Language and Literature 

Dr. Kenneth Guilmart 
Assistant Professor, Latin 

Rebekah Gunn 
Assistant Professor, English 

Nicole Hagan 
Assistant Professor, French 


Dr. Carolyn Happer 
Asst. Prof., Social Studies 
Fletcher Teaching Fellow 

Jennette Herbert 
Director, Admissions 

Carolyn Hicks 
Personal and Career Counselor 

Gretchen Johnson 
Dir., Financial Aid 

Dr. Karen Johnson 
Assoc. Prof., Social Studies 

Margie Johnson 


Sarah Johnson 
Library Asst. 

Mary Lou Jones 
Chair., P.E. 

Bonnie Leopard 
Sec, Guidance 

Roger Lee 
Asst. Prof., Rel./Phil. 
Fletcher Teach. Fellow 

Marjorie Maddrey 
Internal Aud./Acct. Sup. 

Arthur McRae 
Assoc. Prof., Math 

Margaret McGlohon 
Dir., Stud. Act. /Housing 

Dr. Lucy Melbourne 
Assoc. Prof., French 

Rosalene Metzger 
Asst. to Dean of Students 


Linda Mueller 
Instructor, Biology 

Susan Musgrave 
Director, Annual Giving 

Dr. Margaret O'Shaughnessey 
Assistant Professor, English' 
Dickerson Teaching Fellow 

Betty M. Petway 


i •' \ 

1 J** 

Pat Plant 
Bookstore Manager 


ff i 


\ « \ 

Gisela Plemmons 
Bookstore Assistant 

Dr. Beth Proctor 
Assistant Professor, English 

Henry M. Reed 
Director, Development 

Alice M. Sarola 
Dev. Associate 


Susanne Schmidt 
Sec, Reg. Office 

Margaret B. Selph 

Dr. Martha Smith 
Head Librarian 


m ' 1 
ft ' 




i i 



Mary Virginia Swain 
Dir., College Relations 

Terry Thompson 
Asst. Prof., Music 

Christine Thomson 
Ref. Librarian 

Mary Whitt 

Debbie Williams 
Lib. Asst. /Pub. Services 

Anna Wooten-Hawkins 
Assoc. Prof., Eng. 





Stagecoach patrons 

a scene from the Centennial Celebration 



Sally Whichard — Dare to dream the 
impossible dream. Reach for a star out in the 
blue, Work to achieve every goal you set, and 
you'll find dreams really can come true. 
with you, Mom, Dad and John 


Weldon Jackson 
Congratulations, Weldon. 
We are very proud of you. 
Mom & Dad 

Congratulations, Jenny 


Laissez les bons temps rouler! 


Mom and Dad 


Congratulations! We are so proud of you! 
Thank you for being such a wonderful part of 
our lives! We love you! Dad, Mom, & Anna! 

Congratulations, Susan! We are so 
proud of you. Hold fast to your 
dreams and remember that 
"Tomorrow is Just a Day Away." 
LOVE, Mom, Dad and Scott 

Brooke Tannery — Thank you for 
making me a happy dad by being 
such a fun and loving daughter. 
Congratulations on this milestone 
and may many more successes and 
much luck always be yours. I love 
you, Daddy 

Alicia Greene — Through all 
the years, in every way, we 
love you more than words can 
say. Congratulations, Mom, 
Dad, Clark and Brandon 

Valerie Vincent — Make your dreams 
come true, "Precious the Precious." 
We love you! Mom, Dad and Drock 

Jane Singleton — You've come a long 
way baby (Jane)! We are so proud of 
you and we love you very much! 
Mom, Dad, and Marie 


Ashton Lowe — Congratulations! We 
are so proud of you. May the future 
hold all you wish for. Dreams do 
come true! All our love, Mom, Dad, 
and Jason 

Amy Eason — If we succeed in 
giving the love of learning, the 
learning itself is sure to follow. We're 
proud of you! Love, Mom, Dad and 


Love Mom and 


Melanie Solomon — 
Congratulations!! The best 
is yet to come. We love 
you! Mom and Dad 

Denise — We are so proud of 
you and we love you very 
much. Dad, Mom, Christian, 
Meredith, Sapphire. I Samuel 
2:30 — Them that honour me, 
I will honour. 

Caroline Hairston — Congratulations, 
Caroline! You are a wonderful 
daughter and sister. We are proud of 
you. Love, Mom, George and Sarah 


Christie Walker — Gooti, You are 
our inspiration. We love you. 
Your sisters, Tyler and Alex 

Kara Cannatella — Kara, 
Thank you for being such a 
terrific daughter. We love you 
and are so very proud of you. 
Love, Mom, Randy, Anita, and 

Nicole Baer — Congratulations, 
Nicole. We are proud of you and 
hope all of your dreams come true. 
Love, Mom, Dad, and Jennifer 


To Melissa Scott — How great you 
are — How proud we are — 
Congratulations on a job well done. 
We love you! Mom and Dad 

Amy Mcllvain — You will always be 
our QUEEN! Congratulations and 
much love — Mom, Rick, Rick Jr., 
David, Tom, Cassie, and Ellen. 

To Rosie Sloan — 
Congratulations on 
your graduation 
from Saint Mary's 
from your whole 
crew: Dad and 
Kathy, Misty, Fuzz, 
Blossom, Willow, 
Tiki and Tiger too. 
We love you and are 
mighty proud of 
you, too. 

Elizabeth Grant — IBBA — 
you are a seeker looking for 
what's special inside 
yourself. Honey, look inside 
yourself; it's there I see the 
best! Love, Mom 

Meredith Johnson — May the love and 
the opportunities you have been given 
inspire you to make a difference in the 
world. We love you, Mom and Dad. 

Amy Quarles — a beautiful 
young lady who really is 
special. We knew you were 
good at Math, too! Love, Mom 
and Dad. 


; * 

Kim Pressley — "Remember who you are 
and remember who loves you." 
Congratulations, sweetheart. Love 
always, Mom and Dad. 

Allison Key — Congratulations 
Allison! We are so proud of you for 
what you have accomplished. You 
are very special to us. Much love, 
Mom and Dad. 

Lea Baker — Lea, We are so 
proud of you and love you 
with all our heart. Love, Mom 
and Bob. 



Blake — Congratulations to a wonderful 
daughter and sister. Our best wishes for 
a successful future. We love you, your 

Betsy Burnish — We are so proud of your 
accomplishments and can't wait to see what 
happens next. Dad, Mom and Jeff, Grandma, 
Eddie and Gretchen, Don and Kay 

Debbie Goldstone — Debs, Always know we 
all love you! Your laughter and sense of 
humor are a gift to everyone! We wish you 
success and fulfillment in all that you do in 
life. Love and Kisses, Dad and Gail, Michael, 
Bronson and Page. 

Katherine Hair — We are proud of you. 
Congratulations on ail of your 
accomplishments. We love you very much. 
Mom, Dad and Lindsay 

Shannon Russell — Don't ever forget that you 
can achieve so many of the things you can 
imagine — imagine that! It's not as hard as it 
seems — Don't ever stop loving, don't ever 
stop believing, don't ever stop dreaming your 
dreams, don't ever stop being you! We love 
you! Mom and Richard 

Amy Moore — You've come a long 
way baby. Love, Mom and Dad 

Tiffany Tompkins — T — You are so special to 
us! You have filled us with love and pride. 
Have a wonderful life . . . Mom, Dad, Jamie, 
and Jimmy 

Holleigh — Our love and support 
always. Mama, Daddy and SSP 

Jennifer Garrison — We are 
proud of you and we love you 
very much. Love, Mom and 


Katharine Hubbard — Katharine, 
You have made me proud of you. 
May the future hold all that you have 
wished for. With much love, Daddy 

Ashley Jones — You were very 
special in our lives on the day you 
were born . . . and you became even 
more special every day. We are very 
proud of you! Love, Mom and Dad 

Congratulations Ashley Wardell! 
We're ENORMOUSLY proud of you! 
Go get 'em, tiger! Love, Mom, Dad 
and Frank the cat. 

Carrie Kitchen — Congratulations to our sugar 
bear. We wish for you the best of everything 
as you have always been the sunshine of our 
heart. We love you! Mom and Dad 

Tyler — Congratulations! The day has finally 
arrived. We wish you the best of everything as 
you meet the joys and challenges of the 
future. May all your wishes, hopes, and 
dreams come true. God bless you and be with 
you always. All our love, Mom and Dad. 

Laura B. Park — I'll walk in the rain by your 
side. I'll cling to the warmth of your tiny 
hand. I'll do anything to make you 
understand. I'll love you more than anybody 
can. Sung at your Baptism, All Saints Day, 
1974. Congratulations — Love, Mom and Lou 

Michelle Smith — We are so proud of 
you. Keep up the good work. Love, 
Mom and Dad 

Dear Joanna, 

Dream your dreams. Live life to the fullest. 
Be independent and self-assured. Be loving 
and caring toward others. Always remember, 
We love you. Mom and Dad 

'Lissa, I think you're the 


— Jay 



* . 



± ■ T! ^\x, 

Tiffany Cashwell 

We have been and will always be proud of 

you. Holding on to your Dreams, Ideas, 

Beliefs and being your own person makes 

everything you want of the future possible. 


With Very Much Love, 

Mom and Dad 

Frances Shannon Ryan 

"Act Well Thy Part" 

You will always be our leading lady! 

Our Love, 

Mom and Dad 

Amy Augustine 
You've always been the 
sunshine in our lives! 
We love you — 
Mother and Daddy 

Susan Rainey 

To that free and independent spirit 

that we love so much. 

Congratulations ! 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Betsy Helton 

We are so proud of you. Keep up the good 

work and we cherish the memories of all the 

good times we have had together. 

With Love, 

Dad, Pat, and David 


You dance thru our lives and bring 

joy to our hearts. We are proud of 

you always. 

Love, Mom and Dad 

Rosalind Wood 

Roz — 

Remember — the first steps are always the 

hardest. We are so proud of you! 

We Love You! Mom and Dad 

Donna and Jodie King. 


Jodie, we're very proud and love you very 


Dad and Mom 

We're very proud of you! Another 
giant step to your future! 
We love you, 
Mom and Dad 


Jennifer Misenheimer 

Congratulations, Jen. We are so proud of you. 

Love, Mom, Dad, & Hadley 

Bree Parker 

I am so very proud of you. 

Love always, Mom 

Lauren Blaney 

Congratulations to our Lauren. We 

love you! Mom, Dad, and Beth 

L a\£J» 

Congratulations and good luck, Julie 
Ann! Love, Mom & Dad 

To: Ardis Burford 

"It is a funny thing about life; if you refuse to 
accept anything but the best, you very often 
get it." 

Somerset Maugham 
You are the best and we are the proudest 

Love, Mom, Dad, Ashley & Jason 

For: Ashley Reeves 

Our lives are songs; God writes the words 

And we set them to music at pleasure; 
And the song grows glad, or sweet or sad 

As we choose to fashion the measure. 

Ella Wheeler Wilcox 
Dear Ashley, 

May your life be the most beautiful of 
Mom, Dad and Catherine 

Congratulations to a very 

special daughter! You make us 

proud and happy. 


Mom and Dad 

Nina Cavallaro 

You are our very special daughter. It is your 

time to shine. Always know that we love you 

very much and that we are proud of you. 

Hugs & Kisses, 

Mom & Dad 

To: Ellie Jarman 

"Lights" . . . Spaghetti dinner . . . Fishnet . . . 
Elwood . . . Visits to Nanny and Papa's . . . 
Family . . . Indian Princesses . . . Soccer . . . 
Summers at Camp Seafarer . . . Mid-winter 

Earty . . . Western Tour ... St. Mary's . . . 
'illards . . . Graduation 
Growing up is a collection of experiences; each 
one has value. Best wishes as you look toward 
the future and all it holds! 
We love you, 
Mom and Dad 




',' ^^ 



Congratulations, Ashley! We 
love you. Mom & Dad 

Laura Richey 

Congratulations to a bright star in 
our lives! We wish you happiness 
and success now and throughout the 
future. All our love, Mom & Dad 

Jennifer Barton 

Full of the same hope and promise as 

when you were 2 years old! You can be 

or do anything you want. The future is 

in your hands! We love you! 

Mom, Dad, Sarah, Daniel, & Kyle 

We take our past with us into the future. What we have shared here moves 
forward with us — to be continued by our children . . . 

The Stagecoach gratefully acknowledges the help of Margaret McGlohon, Betty Adams, Pam Dameron, 
Christine Thomson, and especially that of Mary Virginia Swain. 


ON ° 

„ o 

in M ~ 1 

a o 

« Oh 

» S" 

cu 3 



tn g 

c o 
a -a 


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i- 01 



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Franklinton, NC 27525 

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9308 Belamart Road 
Potomac, MD 20854 

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Cary,NC 27511 

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Charlotte, NC 28207 


Kristen Gacek 

3036 Oak Ridge Road, SW 

Roanoke, VA 24018 

Susan Hair 

108 South Ennis Street 

Fuquay-Varina, NC 27526 

Louisa Harrison 
7106 Sunrise Road 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

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Wilmington, NC 28403 

Amanda Nesbitt 
Route 2, Box 739 
Denver, NC 28037 

Jeanne Scruggs 
106 Valley Court 
Statesboro, GA 30458 

Cecilia Sotomayor 
1117 Westover Avenue 
Norfolk, VA 23507 


Kathryn Akers 
8420 140th Street N 
Seminole, FL 34646 

Jamie Brantley 
1213 Weldon Place 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Zina Conti 

4513-B Edwards Mill Road 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Catherine Daiton 

6001 Oak Landing Drive 

Chester, VA 23831 

Elizabeth Edwards 

205 North Lumina Avenue 

Wrightsville Beach, NC 28480 

Sarah Gross 

652 Yartmouth Road 

Bloomfield Hills, Ml 48301 

Elizabeth Marshall 
2032 Rice Road 
Matthews, NC 28105 

Jessica Morris 
1800 Emerson Road 
Kinston.NC 28501 


Charlotte Bikle 
2304 Quail Road 
Wilson, NC 27893 

Kristy Bumgamer 

1071 Wirewood Drive Apt 301 

Raleigh, NC 27605 

Virginia Doty 
1920Smallwood Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27605 

Christal Goodson 
6405 Dixon Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Genelle King 

710 Coleridge Drive 

Greensboro, NC 27410 

Elizabeth Norfleet 
640 Rock Creek Road 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Claudia Quebedeaux 
2100 Oakcrest Court 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Dana Sears 

1601 Hi-House Road 

Cary, NC 27513 

Amanda Snell 

2109 Royal Oaks Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27615 


Amy Albertson 

4109 Hanover Avenue 

Richmond, VA 23221 

Melissa Armstrong 
1806 Winterlochen Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28305 

Jennifer Barton 
55 Puritan Road 
Trumbull, CT 06611 

Suzanne Bell 
1834Satinwood Court 
Vienna, VA 22182 

Laura Billings 
7900 Flag Tail Drive 
Midlothian, VA 23112 

Lauren Blaney 

4324 Wood Valley Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27613 

Rubye Brady 
5017 Bridget Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27603 

Naomi Brown 
207 Pearson Drive 
Asheville.NC 28801 

Kara Cannatella 
Route 6, Box 348-28 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Tiffany Cashwell 

PO Box 11030 Long Beach Road 

Southport, NC 28461 

Nina Cavallaro 
6705 Foxfire Place 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Elizabeth Cordell 

PO Box 430 

Myrtle Beach, NC 29578 

Victoria Downey 

3363 Southview Avenue 

Montgomery, AL 36111 

Amy Duffy 

1821-303 Avent Ridge Road 

Raleigh, NC 27606 

Stacy Dunikowsi 
4608 Interlachen Place 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Kristen Early 

2 Rue Des Fours A Chaux 

Cebazat, France 63118 

Kimberly Egner 
731 Lightfoot Drive 
Clayton, NC 27520 

Michelle Fanslau 
Four Swift Creek Court 
Greensboro, NC 27407 

Cristin Flanagan 
1658 Walker Road 
Palmayra, NY 14522 

Betsy Fuller 
Route 5, Box 6440 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Jennifer Garrison 
582 Old Field Road 
Murrells Inlet, SC 29576 

Julie Ann George 
120 Baltmoral Avenue 
Toronto, Canada M4V1-J4 

Elizabeth Gillam 
104 East Pitt Street 
Windsor, NC 27983 

Anne Glenn 
2315 Red Fox Trail 
Charloote, NC 28211 

Ashley Goad 

2004 Varnell Avenue 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Jill Grahek 

100 King George Loop 

Cary,NC 27511 

Elizabeth Grant 
2527 Inverness Road 
Charlotte, NC 28209 

Katherine Hair 
431 Brookcliff Lane 
Cary, NC 27511 

Wendy Hess 

880 Deer Lake Run 

Salisbury, NC 28146 

Louisa Hickman 
1301 Sandpiper Court 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Amy Hobbs 
Route 5, Box 438 
Zebulon, NC 27597 

Reiko lnoue 
Four Ross Avenue 
Demarest, NJ 07627 


Melissa Inscoe 

1323 Holly Bank Circle 

Dunwoody, GA 30338 

Ellen Jarman 
3ip3 Eton Road 
Raleigh, NC 27608 

Meredith Johnson 
619 Saint Cloud Drive 
Statesville, NC 28677 

Joanne King 

2225 Coley Forest Place 

Raleigh, NC 27607-3123 

Jennifer Kulin 

Box 814 

Atlantic Beach, NC 28512 

Briar Lawson 

201 West Gaines Street 
Central, SC 29630 

Alison Leith 
116 Porter Place 
Chapel Hill, NC 27514 

Carmaletta Locklear 

202 Whithome Drive 
Garner, NC 27529 

Ashton Lowe 

5656-C Strawberry Hill Drive 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

Lindsay Luxton 

102 Grayson Court, Route 2 

Beaufort, NC 28516 

Susan Mayberry 

Rt 3, Box 256-F Mountain Drive 

Lynchburg, VA 24504 

Doreen McCoy 
112 Hillside Avenue 
Fayetteville, NC 28301 

Amy Mcllvain 
961 Belfast Place 
Winston-Salem, NC 27106 

Holleigh McLaurin 
PO Box 848 
Rockingham, NC 28379 

Ashley Melton 
3314 Tipton Court 
Wilmington, NC 28409 

Caroline Mercurio 
120 Queensferry Road 
Cary,NC 27511 

Charlaine Miiani 

8604 Bournemouth Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Amy Miller 
PO Box 763 
Jackson, NC 27845 

Amy Moore 

4604 Highgate Drive 

Durham, NC 27713 

Mayumi Okura 

295 Hagiwaradai Nishi Ichome 

Hyogo-Ken, Japan 666 

Laura Park 

125 Heritage Court 

Fayetteville, GA 30214 

Michele Parker 
PO Box 891 
Decatur, GA 30031 

Allison Partridge 
2029 Harrington Street 
Newberry, SC 29108 

Virginia Patterson 
3325 Granville Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Lori Penney 
Route 1, Box 104 
Stephens City, VA 22655 

Raeshelle Prater 

200 Colonial Homes Drive 

Atlanta, GA 30307 

Mary Price 
PO Box 730 
Morehead City, NC 28557 

Amy Quarles 
1905 Aurora Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Sherri Rawles 

612 Lakeview Drive 

Ahoskie, NC 27910 

Laura Richey 

10032 Old Warden Road 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Shannon Russell 
3601 Canter Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Frances Ryan 

413 Meadowfield Road 

Yorktown.VA 23692 

Jennifer Schmidt 
813 Northbrook Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609-5515 

Allison Sedwick 
PO Box 33334 
Raleigh, NC 27636 

Jalayne Shelor 
7309 Spyglass Way 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Jane Singleton 

306 Wildwood Dunes Trail 

Myrtle Beach, SC 29572 

Alice Smith 

3101 Hyman Place 

Fayetteville, NC 28303 

Susan Stone 

3512 Williamsborough Court 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Gloria Taft 

303 Kenilworth Road 

Greenville, NC 27858 

Brooke Tannery 
6332 Bayswater Trail 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Susan Taylor 

1880 Maryland Avenue 

Charlotte, NC 28209 

Tiffany Tompkins 
3505 Canter Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27604 

Jennifer Uhorchak 
107 Kieman Choice 
Cary,NC 27511 

Valerie Vincent 
103 Kilby Drive 
Greenville, NC 27858 

Anne Womble 

3801 Knickerbocker Pkwy 

Raleigh, NC 27612 

Sarah Wood 
PO Box 584 
SilerCity, NC 27344 


Julie Bauchman 
8412 Stonegate Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Katherine Bauso 
800 Faircloth Street 
Raleigh, NC 27607 

Ruth Bennett 

PO Box 391 

Floyds Knobs, IN 47119 

Claudia Bishop 
Route 1, Box 156 
Rawlings.VA 23826 

Elizabeth Blackwood 
409 May Court 
Farmville, NC 27828 

Laura Blount 

3312 Bankhead Avenue 

Montgomery, AL 36106 

Jennifer Boleman 
421 Piedmont Avenue 
Rocky Mount, NC 27803 

Evadora Boyd 
11420 Galloway Road 
Miami, FL 33176 

Elizabeth Brookby 
2101 Hampden Road 
Bartlesville, OK 74006 

Jennifer Carey 
1 12 Suzanne Circle 
Newport, NC 28570 

Caroline Caudill 
230 Fairhaven Drive 
Blounrville, TN 37617 

Jaye Cherry 

314 Forest Hills Drive 

Wilmington, NC 28403 

Amity Coggin 
Route 2, Box 356 
Bahama, NC 27503 

Sara Culpepper 
1005 Walker Drive 
Kinston.NC 28501 

Cameron Dixon 
3801 Gloucester 
Rocky Mount, NC 27803 

Mary Elder 

100 Larkspur Lane 

Banner Elk, NC 28604 

Jennifer Esham 
PO Box 310 
Ocracoke, NC 27960 

Alice Everett 

108 Kenilworth Road 

Greenville, NC 27858 

Annice Fountain 

3636 Harvey Road 

Cleveland Heights, OH 44118 

Jennifer Fritts 

4441 North 33rd Street 

Arlington, VA 22207 

Lisa Furukawa 

1638 Country Club Road 

Wilmington, NC 28403 


Mary Gentry 

1104 Victoria Avenue 

Jasper, TN 37347 

Heather Gibson 
1799 Roanoke Road 
Fayetteville, NC 28304 

Julia Griffin 
2312 Ridge Road 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Sarah Hassinger 
3509 Chauncer Place 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Dana Havelka 

401 North Audubon Avenue 

Goldsboro, NC 27530 

Amy Honeycutt 
2322 Lake Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27609 

Allison Jarrell 

8501 Southfield Place 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Shannon Jenkins 
12117 Strickland Road 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Ashley Johnson 
108 Brown Drive 
Simpsonville, SC 29681 

Harriet Kennedy 
8400 Azalea Drive 
Raleigh, NC 27613 

Lori Leatherman 
961 Delmar 
Shreveport, LA 71106 

Anne Lewis 

508 May Blvd, PO Box 222 

Farmville, NC 27828 

Emma Linker 

206 3rd Avenue, NE 

Hickory, NC 28601 

Shirlisa Mann 

1608 Hunting Ridge Road 

Raleigh, NC 27615 

Leah McCotter 

4605 West Fairway Drive 

New Bern, NC 28562 

Nancy Mercer 
300 Hillcrest Drive 
Farmville, NC 27828 

Katherine Mitchell 
PO Box 26, Park Lane 
Halifax, VA 24558 

Sarah Montgomery 
1 1 13 Tazwell Place 
Raleigh, NC 27612 

Allison Murphy 

PO Box 1163, River Road 

Pawleys Island, SC 29585 

Rebecca Newby 

29 Dixie Trail 

Raleigh, NC 27607-7042 

Helen Nobles 

500 Ellsworth Road 

Charlotte, NC 28211 

Joanna Odere 

Two Kimberly Drive 

Durham, NC 27707 

Michelle Oppegaard 

PO Box 3031 

Topsail Beach, NC 28445 

Heather Parker 

1009 Captain Adkins Drive 

Southport, NC 28461 

Katheryn Powell 
1312 Montrose Drive 
Shelby, NC 28150 

Elanor Ramos 
3511 Darwin Road 
Durham, NC 27707 

Sara Ransdell 

3337 Coleridge Drive 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Denise Richardson 
3712 Bryn Ma wr Court 
Raleigh, NC 27606 

Elizabeth Tobacco 
1029 Andiron Lane 
Raleigh, NC 27614 

Catherine Wade 

3904 Swarthmore Road 

Durham, NC 27707 

Kimberley Walker 
7905 Sagewood Court 
Raleigh, NC 27615 

Susan Wallace 
947 Colewa Court 
Mandeville, LA 70448 

Elizabeth Ward 
1103 Powell Avenue 
Windsor, NC 27983 

Catherine Warrington 
600 South Howard Circle 
Tarboro, NC 27886 

Lucy White 

2404 Lake Loreine Lane 

Richmond, VA 23233 

Jamie Wilkes 

PO Box 155 

Snow Hill, NC 28580 

Susan Witt 

3341 White Oak Road 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Emily Workman 
2114 US 70 
Mebane.NC 27302 

Sarah Wright 

615 Hermitage Court 

Charlotte, NC 28207 

Susan Young 

500 Marlowe Road 

Raleigh, NC 27609 

Rebecca Mercer 
300 Hillcrest Drive 
Farmville, NC 27828 

Elizabeth Ward 
1103 Powell Avenue 
Winsor, NC 27983 


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